Friday, April 29, 2016

Drake talks about his relationship with Nicki Minaj and Rihanna

Drake talks about his relationship with Nicki Minaj and Rihanna
Drake just dropped his fourth studio album, Views, and along with his continued success in music, he's seen his life take different twists and turns, both personally and with other people.

For example, though at one point in their careers they were collaborating on back-to-back albums, Drake says he no longer has a close relationship with Nicki Minaj.
"I don't really talk to Nicki. Another person I have a lot of love for," he revealed while chatting with Beats 1's Zane Lowe on Thursday night.
The potential rift could be due to the feud that ignited between Drake and Nicki's boo, Meek Mill, last summer.
Despite that, however, the rapper continued, "She dealt with me how I would expect her to—with class. I always have respect and love for her. Unfortunately, we haven't spoke."
About badgyal riri its obvious that the chemistry these two have would be difficult for even my genius chemistry professor to teach. lol

Aside from the ups and downs of whatever it is they are, Drake has continued to build a relationship, musically, with Rihanna. He admits, "It wouldn't be a record without Rihanna, would it? We do well as a team."
The duo worked on "Too Good" together for Views, which Drizzy said came to fruition after Rih's "Work."
"[I was like] I think I have one that would follow this one up really nicely. It was like a flawless victory when she sent it back. Every nuance, every cadence was perfect...That's what makes the record."
In fact, Drake promises nothing between the pair is fabricated. "We're not forcing some story on people. A lot of the music and energy we have is genuine. We have a genuine energy."