Monday, April 18, 2016

Impersonators of Secretary Gen. at the Presidency Arrested In Douala

Hello guys we all know that Douala is noted for theft, but lately this guys have decided to take to another level.

 Seven men are presently detained at the judicial police in Bonanjo, Douala, for impersonating the Secretary General at the Presidency, Ferdinand Ngoh, and writing a letter to the governor of the Littoral region, Samuel Ivaha Diboua, with instructions on how a disputed piece of land should be resolved.
According to information from the governor’s office, the supposed letter from the presidency arrived governor Ivaha’s office on February 12, 2016, with instructions to the governor to evict occupants of a certain piece of land in the PK-17 neighborhood owned by one Ngonde Charles. The governor upon receiving the letter forwarded it to the Senior Divisional Officer for Wouri, Nacere Paul Bea for scrutiny.
Source by article by Yanick Fonki Ndaley