Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mic Monsta's latest music video 'Fear' is going viral!! (Video)

KREEF introduces their protege Mic Monsta. Mic Monsta releases his first official single titled "FEAR" which is a blend of Western & Afro Hip-Hop with traditional vocals.
Mic Monsta has been one of those few artists that have been loved from the day he entered into the music industry in camer. Just in about three days he's already got 9,142 views on you tube. He is loved for his amazing rhymes schemes and his intricate use of 'mboko'.

''To much water no fit kill fish FEAR!!
'' So i di chop esprit na inside big dish FEAR!!
''If i want chop fish them get for roast shark'' FEAR!!
 you know what you guys just watch the video below you will love it. Thumbs up to the director though