Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Our Mbella Moki Makes a Fool of Himself, Begs to Campaign for Hilary Clinton as if He’s Worth Anything for Election in a Civilized Society

Did this just disgrace himself publicly? lol why this pa them like nkock man so?

 A post on social media by Mbella Moki Charles, Senator, depicts him fantasizing to be part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign as if he is familiar to American politics. The social media post provoked such heated debate and ridicule of the senator with many questioning whether he did be worth anything even if he stood by the side of Clinton.

In the post, Mbella Moki introduces himself; “I am a Senator from Cameroon passionately eager to join your campaign for President of the USA,” he wrote.
Cameroonians who stumbled on the post on Facebook are questioning why a senator in Cameroon would want to go campaigning for a foreign presidential candidate he doesn’t know and has never met. They argue that Mbella looks like a fool thinking about that when he knows no body in his right senses in a free society like America would welcome him knowing that the regime that he represents in Cameroon is a fraud.
Now, I want to believe Senator Mbella Moki Charles is just excited about joining Hillary’s campaign. How does joining Hillary’s campaign help the senator to better represent the Cameroon people he was “voted” to represent? Cameroonians have a lot of issues going on presently in the country; from medical malpractice to power shortages, lack of clean water etc. We do not see these senators taking up their place. What do they really do in Yaounde? What is the function of a Cameroon senator? Questioned Mark Bareta, a Belgium-based Cameroonian on his Facebook timeline.