Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Art of Peer Pressure

When we are born, we cry, we grow and live when we see what we are to do and become, people say you only Rest when you die, but I think the time to rest is Now! Alright, Alright lets forget about growing up and dying, and come down to a little place called Molyko, in a small town Buea in Cameroon, where wearing skinny jeans and hot pants makes you Dope! and sipping on Ciroc and JD in footprint, Eta palace and Ebony make you FLY(don man) *Sigh* while those who are not under the art of peer pressure are referred  to as "Babylons"

An influx of  up and coming artist , fashion designers, alleged rapist ;-) , leaked nudes and unprecedented beef (you no de f**k tutu) lol keeps the drama in this city thriving. In as much as the city of  Buea is full with girls who dress to lure , and boys who steal to impress(Nges), our city is blessed with touristic attractions, good weather, and great men of God.

In a Nut shell! we love our city and we love the talent and drama going on in it, so Tadal is here to bring you exclusive content about; Lifestyle, fashion,entertainment, events, Inspiration, news, and even gossip! Yes! gossip.