Saturday, April 16, 2016

Woman in Mexico defends husband who sexually molested their 4 year old daughter

A child molester, 48 year old Juan Vicente Hernandez Leon was captured in a disturbing footage which allegedly showed him sexually assa.....
....ulting a 4year old girl who was sitting on his lap in a restaurant in Mexico.
The viral video showed the man groping the little girl under the table, as she leaned against his lap. Disgustingly, the man in the footage kept talking with the rest of his group as he kept touching the little girl.

After the video was shared online, a nationwide manhunt seeking to track down the man was initiated by members of the public and by the internet activist group Anonymous.

Fortunately, the police found out who he was and arrested him. The sad and shocking part was that the man in the footage was the little girl's father.

He was captured as he attempted to catch a bus to Mexico City, the nation's capital.
The child was taken from the family and is now in the custody of the state's child services.

 His wife and mother of the 4 year old victim, Silvia Algomeda took to her Facebook to plead for mercy. She made a video in Spanish where she requested that users of social media help her family and help defend her husband from the lies.

 She said her Husband would never harm or molest their child that he was being falsely accused.
She complained about the 4 year old being away from her and in the care of the Government.
She also drew attention to the psychological damage that the little girl is suffering from being separated from her family by watching the Police arrest her Dad.

Algomeda said the person who made that video and uploaded the controversial video to social networks did so with ill-intentions.
 She said if it was true that her husband was molesting their daughter, why didnt the person who uploaded the video confront him right there in the restaurant if he truly believed the girl was being molested.
She said:
"You think the child would be so easy if my husband was touching her inappropriately? Of course not, she would have reacted immediately".
After she recorded the video, she got major backlash from EVERYONE on facebook. She has since deactivated her account.
 It should be noted, that minutes after will post the video in this social network, the woman chose to close out the account.