Monday, May 2, 2016

Anglophones Marginalization – See What Just Happened in Yaounde

Cameroon is a highly divided country along linguistic lines, and authorities of the nation are doing their best to promote the divide. When it finally explode, probably most of them would have died and their children living abroad.

Almost all occasions that bring Anglophones and Francophones together, have become harbingers of what is known today as the Anglophone Problem. In the just ended All University Games of Cameroon for example, there were very visible signs of the divide as manifested in the way officials threated Anglophone participants. It appeared to have been carefully thought out and orchestrated by Francophones and some few Anglophones who have no consciences.

During the games, in any duel between a school from Anglophone Cameroon and a school from French Cameroon, Francophones officials would do all to make sure their team goes ahead, most often bending the rules. In one of the quarter finals of female football pitting the University of Bamenda (UBa) against the University of Ngaoundéré, for example, as Yaoundé authorities grew surprised at the collective play style of the Bamenda girls, they appeared resolved to do their best to make sure Bamenda girls didn’t sail through to the semifinals.
Consider this for example. The girls from Bamenda scored three goals but they were all canceled by either the referee on the centre of the filed or his assistants in an incoherent manner. Sometimes the referee would allow the goal but his assistant would disallow it and vice versa. In spite of that, UBa girls finally won after post-match penalties.

Source: Cameroon Journal