Sunday, May 22, 2016

Brothers who grew up to be stunning sisters: Siblings now living as women after helping each other come to terms with their gender

Daniel (left) and Jamie (pictured when they were living as men) said it was a 'huge relief' to find out that they were 'in it together', but they don't believe  

They had always loved dressing up in skirts and playing with dolls.
But for years the O’Herlihy brothers did not tell anyone – including each other – just how much they were struggling with their gender.

Finally, though, they opened up to each other and discovered they were going through the same battle – and both are now living as women.

Jamie, 23, who kept her birth name, and Chloe, 20, who used to be called Daniel, said it was amazing to be able to help each other.

 When they were young children, Jamie (pictured) and Chloe (red hair) would play with dolls and wear dresses

Jamie (left), who is a bartender in Dublin, said: ‘We had always been in it together from the start but we just didn’t realise,' after they found out they were both transgender

Chloe (left), a hairdressing student, added: ‘It’s weird that we were both going through exactly the same thing and having the same thoughts about being transgender but just not talking to each other’

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