Monday, May 2, 2016

Hairstyles that accelerate traction alopecia lead to hair loss (BAMBA) Lol!!!

Certain hairstyles that pull the hair roots continuously, could lead to hair loss, new study shows. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University said that pulling the hair back tightly through tight ponytails, braids, dreadlocks and extensions increases traction alopecia.

The term traction alopecia refers to gradual hair loss due to damage from repeated or prolonged tension on the roots. The researchers have reached at the conclusion after reviewing 19 studies. After analyzing the studies, the researchers have come to know about strong association between traction alopecia and scalp-pulling hairstyles.

The study researchers said that such hairstyles are quite common among African Americans and Africans (Buea gurlz take noteJ). One-third of Black women are said to suffer from the condition, which makes them to suffer hair loss (bamba). “Because of the limited literature on black hairstyling methods, hair loss in this patient population can present a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge for dermatologists”, said the study researchers.