Thursday, May 19, 2016

Women on street asked for “Get in the Mood Romance Tips” – Watch the Hilarious Responses

Some think men should be initiators of romance in relationships, but times have changed and women and bringing on their A game in a bid to keep their man. But how do women go about this?
“Switch off the light, on the TV and start from there,” says one lady

BattaBox presenter Timothy previously asked some of the baddest guys on the streets of Lagos – How do you Romance your babe? Some of their answers were quite honest and very hilarious.

Due to popular demand, Timothy again decided to ask some ladies this time – How do you romance your man? And their honesty and answers would shock you.

“Pat you man’s back, his chest, give him a hot kiss,” says one lady
Some of their replies were so funny that even they couldn’t keep a straight face.. Also do not forget to dress fro the big moment..

“You need to get a sexy dress for the bed,” says one lady as she smiled
We hope you grab one or two tips from this Romance 101 video.

Watch and enjoy!