Monday, June 6, 2016

British Lady 60, killed by a great white shark 'bigger than a boat' while diving off the coast of Australia

A British grandmother described as a 'beautiful person who everyone loved' has been killed by a great white shark which was 'bigger than a boat' while diving off the coast of western Australia.

University lecturer Doreen Collyer, 60, who is originally from Chester, Cheshire, was at a reef off Mindarie Beach, about 35 kilometres north of Perth, when she was attacked yesterday.
Her husband David had been driving to the beach to meet her and her diving companion, John, when he learned of the news.

Police said 43-year-old John, who she dived with regularly, pulled her from the water but she died before they made it back to the shore.
Her injuries were described as being 'apparent and severe' and consistent with a shark attack.

Three men who came to the pair's aid reported seeing a shark which was longer than their 18-foot long fishing boat. Local authorities have now closed the surrounding beaches until the animal is caught.