Friday, June 3, 2016

Nick Jonas 'regrets' being in the Jonas Brothers

Nick Jonas doesn't look back at his teen years positively.
The 23-year-old shared he has a lot of regrets when it comes to the beginning of his career and being in a boy band with his brothers.

"It does suck that my 13 to 20-year-old years come with a lot of regret, almost, in a way," Jonas shared in the first part of his new Tidal docu-series.
"There were probably some family issues that needed to be sorted out," he revealed. "At some point, I need to be able to look at it with a positive angle."
The Jonas Brothers, formerly made up of Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas, officially disbanded in 2013. Each of the brothers have since gone on to separate careers.
Nick Jonas is embarking on a tour with pop singer Demi Lovato this summer. Joe Jonas is the frontman of DNCE and Kevin Jonas has left the music business and owns a real estate contractor business in New Jersey.