Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bizarre photos of houses leave internet users scratching their heads - so can you figure out the optical illusion?

Baldwin Street, in Dunedin on the country's South Island, holds the proud title of being the steepest street in the world

 The suburban street in New Zealand has become an unlikely tourist attraction, after people have shared photos on social media of a bizarre optical illusion. See more photos after the cut.

People have been flocking to the street (pictured) to take photos with the properties that appear lopsided, to upload them to Instagram
Residents who live on the world's steepest street are reportedly used to people puffing up and down the steep street to take photos. check out more photos below...

An Instagram user posted a photo of this house on Dunedin Street with the caption: 'How to mess with people's minds - anchor your letterbox so that it's on the same incline as the street. Voila! Your house is now sinking!'