Wednesday, July 20, 2016

See How the Chinese Are stealing in Cameroon – Hiding Gold and Diamond in Gas Bottles to Avoid Taxation

 According to sources at the Regional Delegation of Mines, Industries and Technological Development in Bertoua, about 70% of local mine production there is shipped to Asian countries without going through local control in Cameroon. Chinese miners who constitute a majority of exploiters in the region have been accused of engaging in trafficking of mines products in the region.

They dodge Cameroon gov’t scrutiny by using gas bottles to load the minerals so that mounted control officers have no suspicion of trafficking seeing gas bottles.
“These Chinese miners come around with gas bottles pretending to use them for cooking. But our elements on the ground in an inspection exercise noticed that some of the gas bottles were heavier than a normal weight.” A security official who requested anonymity told The Cameroon Journal.

Cameroonian laborers for the Chinese are said to be accomplices but are said to be quiet about the illegal transactions for fear of straining labor relationship with their Chinese employers. Gold extraction companies and diamonds in the Eastern Region are predominantly Chinese.

Besides trafficking of gold, there are also diamonds from operating sites like Boumba-et-Ngoko