Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Taxi Driver Is Knocked Down (Killed) Vehicle While Trying To Open His Booth In Molyko, Buea

Just when we though this tragedy of accidents all over Cameroon was over an anonymous driver of a Toyota Carina E decided  to burst our bubble with this ghastly motor accident in Molyko, Buea.

According to sources, the accident happened at the break of dawn, 7:00 am at checkpoint. Eye witnesses (sources) say that the taxi driver got out of his car to remove some luggages from his booth, where he was knocked down by the other driver (red car). Our sources say that, the taxi driver died, before he could be rushed the hospital

That’s not even the interesting part; you know we always save the dramas for last. According to our sources, after the tragic incident, the Buea taxi drivers Union got so mad that they had to take to the streets with a little something that seemed to be strike, not just because a taxi driver had been killed recklessly but because after the incident, instead of the overzealous Buea Council guys to come into the situation and make arrangements on how the taxi could be arranged or compensated, they decided to come in and take the other car to their office because they wanted a situation where the driver would pay 25000frs to remove it from their custody(according to the taxi drivers).

So they succeeded in bringing the vehicle back to place of  the accident, and the police had to intervene in the matter.
Eye witnesses claim that the driver(of the red car) was drunk at the time of the accident and is presently in police custody.