Friday, May 27, 2016

Brenda Biya Summoned Before California Court for Threatening Chantal With Knife

Brenda Biya, daughter of President Biya and first lady Chantal of Cameroon, has been summoned before a California judge on June 1 over acts of violence in her Los Angelis apartment.

The incident which led to Police being called to the scene, The Cameroon Journal gathered, was provoked by the impromptu visit of First Lady Chantal Biya upon learning the daughter was fast acting as a deviant in Los Angelis. She had flown in to California from Cameroon on hearing of the daughter’s heavy indulgement in drugs. We learned that upon arrival in California – just before last week’s 20th May celebrations in Yaounde, Chantal had come with instructions from President Biya to get Brenda out of California and the United States as a whole. But upon getting the news from the mother, Brenda didn’t only fiercely resist the idea of leaving the country. She took to the rampage and began breaking up things in the apartment to demonstrate her disapproval of the plan.

Brenda then resorted to a knife, leaving Chantal feeling threatened.  Chantal allegedly called for help. But before the help could come, neighbors who could hear the commotion in Brenda’s apartment, called the Los Angelis cops and they caught her still toting the knife and she was arrested. In the United States, wielding a knife in a threatening way is a felony and could earn Brenda some jail time if convicted.

We learned that she and the mother left the U.S right after the Police intervention and she shall only be represented in court on the June 1 hearing by a lawyer. She and the mother flew to Geneva after the incident. President Biya is expected to meet them in Geneva one of these days for the family to sort out the situation, The Cameroon Journal learned.