Friday, May 27, 2016

GIST!!! Fight between Two BIR Soldiers and SIX Police men in Malingo, Buea

I know Buea girls are going to love this one lol!!

Wait a minute i thought the police and the BIR and even the army where suppose to be in some kind of mutual understanding since they are working together for the well being of the citizens and our country, but i was stunned the other day when at night around 9:00-10:00 P.M, where two BIR where seen fighting with with six police men. Actually our sources say that the BIR soldiers got the police men well beaten.

According to our sources who where present when the drama started say that, the police men who where actually on patrol that night as usual, saw two BIR soldiers standing with a girl at malingo junction. So they requested  for their I.D cards which was presented by the girl and the BIR soldiers.

Later on,  they told the girl that they where going to take her home because she was ''wrongly dressed'' ( Buea police!!!), but the soldiers refused and said they where already taking her home and that it wont be necessary. The police men refused and started arguing which resulted into a serious beat down of SIX  Police men by two BIR soldiers.

Sources tell us that it was serious to the point where the police men had to go and bring their guns from the station that is just nearby, but fortunately the BIR soldiers where gone already