Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Football Star Emma Mimba To Quit Football And Accept Davido’s Record Deal Following Death Of Patrick Ekeng?

Emma Mimba is one of Cameroon’s most promising strikers who currently plays for Pedras Rubras FC in Portugal. Emma Mimba is currently the top striker and highest goal scorer with 7goals in 23 appearances in his football club and his career has been on the rise.

However, Emma Mimba is not only outstanding on the pitch, he is blessed with incredible music talent. He recently made a video in which he transformed an entire conversation into rap lyrics. This video went viral, drawing the attention of Davido, one of Africa’s top artists who contacted Emma Mimba proposing a record deal (unconfirmed fact).

With a booming football career and a flashy record deal on his table, Emma Mimba has been stuck in the middle, deliberating on his next move. The tragic death of his good friend Patrick Ekeng on the pitch was a huge blow which seems to have gone a long way to influence his career choice. Emma Mimba recently took it to twitter, not only to express his grieve but also to openly contemplate whether or not to accept the record deal and quit his football career. He sounded like he is seriously considering the record deal ever since his friend died on the pitch.

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