Thursday, May 19, 2016

OPINION: Dear Lil Kesh, Here’s Why You Don’t Have Any Endorsement Deal

The other day, Lil Kesh complained to us that he hadn’t been able to get endorsements deals like other star artistes even after releasing close to five hits in less than two years in the music industry.
Some people even said that’s the reason why he left Olamide’s label, blaming him for not doing enough in that regard.

Mr Kesh, so you think Glo or MTN or Peak or Ribena will give you a deal when ALL you sing about is ghetto stuff?
If he’s not singing about ‘Adenike the borrow poser’, Kesh will be singing about ‘bum-short’ or ‘weed’ or ‘gbese (trouble/debt)’.

Are you the only musician that came out of the ghetto? Even Patoranking who once told us he used to sell plantain chips in Lagos traffic and lived in Ajegunle has rebranded himself and is now acting all Jamaican.

Lil Kesh, continue to dey carry ghetto for head you hear? But as you do that, have it in mind that endorsements will mostly come from rat kill-and-dry manufacturers, Agbo/Jedi/sapele water makers association, Wrizler manufacturers or Okrika BBB (bum-short, bra and boxers) sellers union.
Just keep it up okay?

NOTE:- Lil Kesh is not a Surebet Ambassador, Olamide owns the deal.

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