Friday, May 20, 2016

President of CPP, Kah Walla Arrested and Released Yesterday May 20th

The President of the Cameroon's People's Party, Kah Walla just posted this on Facebook...
We have all been released in the early evening! Thank you to all and all for the support today.
Here are the facts:

Dears and activists of the cpp and myself have been arrested today, 20 may 2016, day of national day:
• 9 militants at headquarters level while they were setting up and taken to the gmi;
• 3 including myself stopped at mobil omnisport going we inquire about the situation, we have been to the direction of the surveillance of the territory;
• 3 arrested at headquarters while they were coming for the party including 1 ARRESTED WITH HIS 9-Year-old son took him to the police station of mimboman then to the crj. 
We cannot tell you the grounds. In My Case, for example on the 3 people arrested and taken to the dst, I was the only interviewed. And in the middle of my hearing, the superintendent gerard essomba interrupts to let us go. Unbelievable! It is this same scenario has happened in the last 3 arrests that has undergone the cpp. 
We can only conclude that someone somewhere decided to make the police of Cameroon a political instrument. This one is used to prevent the meetings and intimidate the militants. Poor us. As regards the cpp, every arrest reinforces the conviction and determination. 

This Friday we will be in black!